Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No-Sew 30 Minute Dropcloth Curtains {Tutorial}

A few months ago while shopping at Big Lots, I came across dropcloths and decided to buy one. I knew I'd use it for something at some point, but didn't have any plans right then. They had different sizes, but I chose the 4ft x 15ft one for no reason except that it only cost $10. My sister is always doing some project with canvas dropcloth {aka. painter's dropcloth} and I knew I'd find a good use for it. You can see all her projects with dropcloth here. Well, last week I decided it was time to get new curtains for my breakfast area and remembered the dropcloth. I went to find it and realized the size was only enough for one panel. So, off to Big Lots I went. I bought another one the same size and began planning out my new curtains. I searched Pinterest, but didn't see a lot that interested me for that space, so I called my sister. She suggested putting a couple of stripes on the top to match my chevron curtains in my living room. I thought about it and decided that ribbon would work better than painting the stripes that I had originally thought to do. It took me all of 30 minutes to make these two panels and I absolutely love them! They turned out even better than I expected! {Although, I may add another stripe to each panel about 2 inches below the first stripe.}
Here's the How-To:

I recommend using these products for this project:
Canvas Drop Cloth
Acrylic Craft Paint
Foam Paint Roller
2 inch Ribbon

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  1. Do you think it would look better if it has stripes at the bottom end as well? I like the formal length it has. The lengthier the curtain is, the more formal it looks. Although it may not be good for a kitchen dining area, I still think you did an awesome job selecting it!

    Roxie Tenner


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