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Welcome to my first 31 Days series! More may be added in the future, but this year I'm posting every day for the 31 days in October  2013 on Home Economics.
There will be a host of topics covered here which will all be very practical. I have a B.S. degree in Home Economics and spent four years studying it, so posting for 31 days should be pretty fun with a broad range of interesting and helpful ideas and resources! Each day beginning October 1st a new link will be added here to this page. {Scroll down to see links to each day!}
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I hope you'll join me here every day in October! I'm excited to share this journey with you!

Day One: The Family Dinner {+ free printable}
Day Two: How to Budget Meals {+ free printable}
Day Three: Never Forget an Item on Your Grocery List {+ free printables}
Day Four: How to Plan a Party or Other Themed Event {+ free printable}
Day Five: The Key Ingredient to the Recipe for Success
Day Six: Sewing Kit Essentials
Day Seven: How to Read a Sewing Pattern
Day Eight: How to Cut Out a Pattern
Day Nine: How to Sew Without a Pattern
Day Ten: Sewing Tutorials for Beginners
Day Eleven: Sew Many Gifts Tutorial Roundup
Day Twelve: Home Management: How to Delegate {+ free printables}
Day Thirteen: Home Management Binder Roundup {free printables}
Day Fourteen: The Well-Managed Home: Time Management {+ free printables}
Day Fifteen: The Well-Managed Home: The Laundry Room {+ free printables}
Day Sixteen: The Well-Managed Home: The Kitchen
Day Seventeen: The Well-Managaed Home: The Linen Closet
Day Eighteen: How to Be a Hostess with the Mostest {+ free printables}
Day Nineteen: How to Entertain on a Budget: Food Edition {+ free printables}
Day Twenty: How to Write an Invitation {+ free printables}
Day Twenty-One: 5 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet {Welcoming Guests}
Day Twenty-Two: How to Say Thank You
Day Twenty-Three: Hostess Gift Roundup
Day Twenty-Four: How to Clean your Cabinets ONCE & NEVER Do it Again!
Day Twenty-Five: The Easiest Way to Clean a Ceiling Fan
Day Twenty-Six: The BEST Window Cleaning Tricks Around {Or so they say}
Day Twenty-Seven: 5 Benefits of a Clean Home
Day Twenty-Eight: No-Sew Ruffled Hipster
Day Twenty-Nine: Ruffled T-Shirt Makeover {Sew Easy}
Day Thirty: Who's With Me? {Fabric Stashers}
Day Thirth-One: Day 31
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  1. Hi Amy, I saw your link on Nesting Place. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.


    1. Thanks! I am glad you stopped by! Hope you're enjoying it!

  2. Love your topic. Can't wait to see your posts.

  3. I'm envious of that education! Hoping to glean some wisdom and follow along!!!

    1. I hope you're finding topics you like here in this series! It's certainly been fun writing!

  4. So cool! I sure could learn a thing or two about home ec! Looking forward to your posts :). Thanks for following along with my #31Days series as well!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoying your series!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you for coming over! Hope you'll enjoy it!

  6. I'm looking forward to catching up with your posts & following along! I'm about to begin pursuing my own degree in Family & Consumer Science :) Home Ec has always been right up my alley! I found you through The Nester!

    1. That's very exciting! When I was working on my degree in Home Ec, the title of Family & Consumer Science was just beginning to replace Home Ec. One of my teachers had just gotten her doctorate in FCS. Glad you stopped by! And good luck on your degree!!

  7. Oh dear, I think you are my long lost soul sister, between Mexican food, M&Ms and sewing. I wish that I had been able to study Home Ec and get a degree in it. It would have served me well. A well run home with someone skilled at cooking, sewing and budgeting at the helm would so many homes so much good!

    1. It sure was a fun degree to get! Thank you for popping by to say hello!

  8. These are great - thank you for sharing them!!!


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