Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Make a Pom Pom Garland

Do you remember when I made the Team Spirit Pom Pom Gloves before Christmas? In that post, I wrote about how to make pom poms with a fork. It was a fun and simple way to make pom poms quickly. However, since then, I've been wanting to make bigger pom poms and a fork just doesn't cut it. So, the other day I saw pom pom makers at my favorite craft store and couldn't resist buying them. I came straight home and made a couple. It's so fun and relaxing! So, today when I had two kids home from school sick with fevers for the second day in a row, I got out my pom pom makers and went hog wild. I would have made more, but my hands were too cold!

Here's how to make the pom poms like I did:

I decided to make mine into a pom pom garland to hang on my mantle. And here's how:

 Lay the short end over the working strand (the end attached to the yarn ball).
 Put index finger and thumb inside the loop as pictured above.
 Grasp the working strand with your index finger and thumb and pull it back through the loop.
Now, pull the working strand up through the loop with one hand and with your other hand, pull the short strand and working strand downward together to tighten your loop into a loose knot as pictured below.
Now, put your index finger and thumb through the new loop you just made and repeat the process. Grab the working strand and pull it up through the loop, tighten it up by pulling the two bottom strands downward together.
Repeat this process until you reach your desired length. When you are finished, tie a knot in the end and you're done.
Tie your pom poms onto your garland where you want them. If you tie them loosely, you can untie them later and use them for some other fun project!
This was the perfect addition to my Valentine's Day mantel decor. I'll show you the full thing when I'm finished!

Is this something you'd like to make? My girls are itching to make some pom poms, too. I might have these all over my house before long, but I say, "The more, the better!"

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