Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Shirt to Skirt {Tutorial Link}

Last Fall, my sister over at Less-Than-Perfect-Life of Bliss, wrote about how to make a Ladies' Skirt out of a man's shirt. Well, I immediately went to the closest thrift store in search of shirts that I could cut up and make skirts out of. I found a few, came home and started cutting up a cute plaid shirt to make a skirt for my oldest girl. I got the two side seams sewn when my sewing machine decided to act up. So, I quit working on it and set it aside. I sort of forgot about it until last week when I was cleaning out my stash of projects-to-work-on. And thanks to Hubs for getting me a nicer, more reliable sewing machine for Christmas, I finished it. This time around I tailored it for my middle girl and it works perfectly for her! So, here are my pics. Go check out the extensive tutorial here.

If you make one, leave me a comment with a link to yours! I'd love to see more of these! I love the snaps on this one instead of buttons and my girl loves the pockets!

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