Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Subway Art {Free Printables & a Tutorial}

I love subway art. I'm not sure what about it makes me love it, but it's just very pleasing to the eye. The other day, I was browsing around Pinterest {where you can find a lot of examples of subway art} and found this one for Easter. Yes, I said Easter and we're just getting started in March. It's technically not even Spring yet, but I think Easter should be celebrated all year long. So, I printed it out and just happened to have the perfect frame I had bought from Goodwill awhile back to put it in. It is matted, but has no glass. It's perfect!

 Here are some others you might like:

My brother made me these for Christmas and I just love them! I'm still waiting for Hubs to hang them up, though. Maybe tomorrow I can get him to do it!

If you'd like to make your own, I found a great tutorial! I'm totally going to give it a try! Can't have too much subway art!


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