Monday, November 26, 2012

Joy to the World: Chevron Bunting {DIY}

In case you haven't noticed a trend here at my house, I have a thing for Chevron print. I've made two grey chevron skirts, chevron pillows, used chevron fabric around the bottom of my tree for a tree skirt and now I have a chevron bunting over my mantel. I think the chevron adds a vintage look to the Christmas decor and I am just loving it. I'm fully aware that it's a fad and in a couple of years I may not like it so much anymore, but right now, I adore it so bear with me.
To make the bunting:
Make a pattern for the size flags {triangles} you want. Lay them on your chosen fabric. If you're using stripes like this, you can try to center them or you can just be haphazard. I chose the latter because I wanted to conserve fabric. {I think it turned out nice!} Pin your pattern to the fabric and cut.
Pick out your ribbon, twine, jute, or whatever you want to use to hang your flags up. Measure it according to your measurements for where you are going to hang it. Be sure to add extra if you want your bunting to droop and if you want your ribbon to hang down on the sides. Then, find the center and pin your flags on, spacing them evenly.
Once pinned, I took the top edge and folded it over the back just enough to cover the ribbon. Then, I ironed it down to make it easier to sew. I tried to sew just under the ribbon, but sewed on the bottom edge of ribbon {sewing through all three layers} to hold it in place. I don't want my flags to slide.
Last, I took a big, black Sharpie and drew each letter on each flag. I used my pattern cutting board as a guide to know where to write each letter so they would all be the same size. I did mine two inches high.
Finally, just hang them up!

I am thrilled with how mine turned out! Hubs even commented on how much he likes them and he normally doesn't get all excited about buntings. :)

Stay tuned for more Christmas posts like this. And in case you missed them, check out my easy DIY Chevron Throw Pillows and my Anthro-inspired Snow Globe Mason Jars.

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  1. It's beautiful, you really did a great job on it! I'm so glad to be your newest follower, I love your blog:)


  2. This is so sweet it gives me a cavity. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I'm absolutely delighted that you linked up yesterday at Mop It Up Monday! I'm featuring you over at The Tuesday Ten: Have a fabulous week!



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