Friday, March 22, 2013

Chalk Art {Spring Edition}

Spring is here although I think last week's weather was way more springlike than this week's. With the small changes I've been making in my house for Spring {and the constant reminder from my 2nd child that when she's a mommy, she's going to decorate her house for every holiday and every season - Thanks, Aunt Julie!} I decided it was high time to change the chalkboard art in my kitchen. About a year or so ago, I found the very best wooden frame to use for a chalkboard. I had been looking around for the perfect size frame to fit a specific wall in my kitchen. Then, one day I went to a local thrift store that I often visit and noticed certain tag colors were 75% off. So, I went through the art and found THE ONE! I ended up paying only $4.75 and didn't even have to paint or distress it. I only had to tear the macrame 'art' from the 1960s out of it and used very thin particle board that Hubs had in our garage to make the chalkboard section. I just sprayed several coats of chalkboard paint onto the smooth side and then hot glued it into the frame. Best thrift find I've ever found!
 Did you know that sidewalk chalk works like a charm for chalk art?! It's not just for sidewalks anymore.

 I used this method of making a chalkboard to do this little framed pic.
 My little sweetheart and assistant {aka. Shadow} decided to do her own chalk art! I think she did a great job!

I'm sharing this with a few of these parties.


  1. Love that! I'll have to try the sidewalk chalk!

  2. I keep boxes of that sidewalk chalk for the summer days when the kids are here. I guess I should try it inside, too- xo Diana


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