Friday, March 29, 2013

Felt Hair Bows {Tutorial}

I debated on whether or not to do a tutorial for these because they can be found all over the internet and Pinterest. But after I made them, I decided to go ahead to document it. I like to keep track of all the projects I do and this blog is the perfect place for them. So, without further ado...

These colors are perfect for Spring and Summer! I can't wait for my girls to wear these with all of their outfits to keep those bangs out of their eyes.

And if you're not inclined to make them yourself. You can purchase them in my etsy shop {My3Chickadees} for a steal of a deal! More colors coming very soon!

I'm sharing with these parties!


  1. Amy-Those are darling- I have made hundreds of years over the years and have never made them out of felt...TOOO cute! xo Diana

  2. The hair bows are too cute. And am loving your mustache tote!


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