Friday, April 19, 2013

Chevron Canvas {Tutorial}

It's no secret that one of my favorite patterns is chevron. It comes in so many colors and widths and variations and looks great on art, clothing, home decor, etc. I've used it on curtains, throw pillows, skirts, baby items and now art. I'm planning a room redo for my 9 yr old's bedroom and she's been begging me for a Paris room. So, I'm slowy - very slowly finding things for her room and will be changing everything from the wall color to the bed skirt. The other day I came across a blank canvas at Goodwill for $1.50. I knew I'd use it for something but by the time I got home I knew its purpose. Here's how I made a personalized chevron canvas for her future Paris room.

Now, you can leave it or you can personalize it with a monogram or a picture or whatever you feel like doing! I chose to do an M for my daughter's name. After a few texts back and forth with my sister, I decided to paint the M gold. {Stay tuned for more gold painted accents for this future Paris room!}

 I had a big chipboard M laying around from Hobby Lobby so that's what I used to make this. I had also bought Antique Gold craft paint for another project so I was able to make quick work of this.
 Or if monograms aren't your thing, hot glue a smaller canvas to the center and personalize it any way you want! Decoupage a picture to the top canvas or have your child draw on it or whatever you want! Be creative! There are tons of ways to use canvases.
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  1. That is really, really cute, Amy. Love the soft colors as the back drop for the initial. xo Diana


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