Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinspiration Hoop Art {Tutorial}

I'm finally back to blogging after a short break. I was helping my sister celebrate her upcoming birthday in Disney World last week! You can read all about it here, if you're so inclined. She has some good tips for planning a girlfriends' trip to Disney there. I highly recommend it!!
If you're like me, and you're on Pinterest, chances are you have hundreds of great ideas stored up in some of those boards you've created or possibly even hundreds of 'likes' that you plan to create....someday. Well, I've decided to try and do some of the things I have pinned and liked on Pinterest. One of them I tried yesterday and love the results!
I pinned this pin that originated here a long time ago. And when my two youngest girls decided to share a bedroom, I knew I wanted to incorporate this into their new room to fit their personal styles. These are two of the ones I made...

{don't forget to tighten the fabric again before you hang!}
To make: Just pick your background fabric and felt for your project. Then, cut your felt into shapes of things you want on there. If you need a guide, print a graphic image from google and use it as a pattern. Use needle and thread to embroider the details on. You could do all black felt for a silhouette look! I may do that for my oldest daughter's room!
Now, I just need to repaint their room, move some things around and then I can hang them! Hopefully, the painting will happen soon. Stay tuned!

I'm sharing this with some of these parties.

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