Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Framed {a personal note}

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Several months ago, we noticed it. Our 9 year old was squinting. Squinting at the TV, while she was reading, looking out the window in the car, etc. My husband and I knew it would happen sooner or later, especially given his history with poor eyesight. Mine wasn't as bad as his. I just remember being in the 6th grade and a lot of my friends beginning to get glasses and thinking how much I wanted a pair. My first pair probably barely had a prescription in it. They were those plastic ones that were kind of clear, with a hint of peach and light blue mixed in. I'm pretty sure my Mamaw had a pair very similar.

My second pair of eyeglasses were red. Big, round, plastic and red. {Sally Jesse Raphael, anyone?} They had a faux diamond on one side near the top. I can't remember what grade I was in, but I am still surprised my parents let me get those. That was a fleeting fad. I've had a few different pairs since, but they've all been very neutral.

While looking around for my daughter's glasses, I didn't realize how easy it could be to order online eyeglasses. I like the convenience of never having to leave your home and run all over town searching for the perfect frames. And maybe the best part of all is that at, you can virtually try on any frame and see what you look like! I tried these frames on using my webcam...
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  1. Love the pic! Didn't know you could try them on that way!


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