Sunday, October 27, 2013

5 Benefits of a Clean Home

There are so many posts and pins and websites all about cleaning and how to clean, what products to use, methods to carry out the cleaning in your home, as well as, cleaning schedules. We are not lacking in information on cleaning, that's for sure. But, why should be clean and have a schedule for cleaning, etc. etc.? I've been thinking about this as I've written my last few posts. There are many reasons to keep your house clean and I thought I'd share my top 5 reasons.
  1. A clean house reduces stress.  Monday mornings at my house are sometimes stressful. Why? Not because it's Monday. When our weekends have been really busy and the cleaning/laundry/dishes haven't been properly and timely taken care of, it's a bad start to the week. I loathe coming downstairs on a Monday morning to be greeted by a sink full of dishes, a living room disheveled, walking on a floor that hasn't been swept....AND to top it off, having to try to work around all of that to make lunches, get the girls ready for school, etc. It's just plain stressful and unnecessary. Take some time on Sunday night to empty out the dishwasher, clean the dirty dishes, put the living room back together, etc. Enlist the help of the family so that they (especially the kids) understand that someone has to pick up the mess and it shouldn't always be Mom.
  2. A clean house allows you to rest.  Think about how you feel when things are all out of place, rooms need to be cleaned, laundry is piled up. It prevents me from being able to really rest. I feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done and if I'm unable to do it for one reason or another, I cannot rest. Sometimes it's better to stay up just a little later to do a few things than to leave it.
  3. A clean house is a healthy house.  I love when my house is sparkly clean. I love the smell of a clean house and the look of a clean house. There's something so satisfying knowing that for now the germs have been killed. The odors are gone. Floors are clean, toilets and sinks are clean again, the kitchen is sparkly. There is less chance of sickness in a clean house. (I realize some germs help us build up immunity, but we'll never get rid of all germs no matter how much we clean.) If it looks dirty, smells dirty and feels dirty, it IS dirty - and you can bet that it is also unhealthy. (After typing this, I feel like I need to get up and bleach a few things.)
  4. A clean house is a happy house.  I don't know if you've noticed this in your home, but at my house when everything is clean the family is happy. The moods are much brighter, there's no dread of being told to 'Go clean your room' which makes for some happy children at my house! My mood is a lot better when I know my house is clean. Part of that is because of the satisfaction I've received from actually doing the cleaning, but there's something very happy about a clean house.
  5. A clean house is a welcoming house.  When my house is clean, I have no problem welcoming people to my home. Sometimes, it takes me inviting people over to really get motivated to deep clean. But, when your house is clean and someone either shows up unannounced or with short notice, it can still be a welcoming environment. I want my house to be a place where people feel welcome and I think having a clean house is the first step.
Does having a clean house affect your mood? Or can you block it out and ignore it? Have you ever had a visitor unannounced when your house wasn't clean?

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Thank you for reading along today! I think I'll go scrub a toilet or two....just in case.
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