Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sewing Kit Essentials

I remember getting my first offical sewing kit. It was my high school graduation. A lady in my church who had been my 4th or 5th grade Sunday School teacher way back when gave it to me. I had always loved going through my mom's old red sewing kit with some kind of embroidered flowers on the top and a handle that was wrapped in the same color thread. It contained the neatest stuff! There were needle threaders, bobbins with a variety of colored threads, a measuring gauge, spools of thread, etc. I loved that it had a little plastic tray that you could take out and underneath was where the bigger things were stored. I would take the sewing kit out of the closet sometimes just to look at all the contents and wondered what all of them were for. Then, the day came when I got mine! It was blue with a floral print. And heart shaped. Miss Vicki had included a pair of scissors and some thread and some basic sewing tools and I was thrilled. I still have the same blue kit and my oldest daughter loves looking through it. She begs to get it out 'just to look'. There's something so fun about it.
Everyone needs a sewing kit whether you're just doing simple mending or if you're an expert seamstress. Or just somewhere in between like me. Building a sewing kit is fun, but what do you really need to include in your kit? I've got some suggestions for you! I'm including links on where to get these for a great deal, in case you've decided to get your kit together.

Singer Sewing Companion - This is a basic tool box type that already includes some of the basic tools like scissors, pin cushion, needles, etc. Great price to get you started!
Or you can pick a more traditional sewing basket like this one. (My personal favorite!)
This one is a great price, as well, and comes in either red, black or pink polka dots. What's not to love?
After picking your sewing basket or kit, you'll need these basics:
Fabric scissors - These are really nice at 70% off. *Tip: Only use your fabric scissors on fabric. Never on any other material.*
Measuring tape - You'll be surprised how much you use this.
Seam ripper - This is one of the most-used tools in the sewing kit!
Pin cushion - You need a place to easily access the sewing pins as you sew. But I also love this one and consider it a must-have!
Pins - Very essential to any sewing project.
Extra bobbins - it's nice to keep a few on hand with the colors you use most.
Measuring gauge - This is great for measuring hems, finished edges, etc.
Thread - This is a fantastic price on thread!
Needles - Always handy for sewing on a button, simple mending, etc.
There are so many accessories for your sewing kit, but these are my most used items and the ones I can't sew without!

What's in YOUR sewing basket/kit?

This is part of my 31 Days of Home Economics series. You can find the rest of the series here.

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  1. You have gotten it all right with what is needed to start sewing and have everything at hand, Amy. xo Diana

    1. Thank you! I tried to think through mine (and look past all the junk) to decide what I really do use. I probably need to clean mine out!


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