Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That Post Where I Tell You How {Un}Organized I Really Am

You know my last post {exactly 12 days ago . . Ahem} about how I was cleaning out this house once and for all on that journey of 40 Bags in 40 Days in an attempt to get organized? Yeah. That one. Well, it seems I'm really good at pulling everything out of it's place {whether it's suppose to be there or not} and digging through it with the purpose of getting rid of stuff and simplifying my life. However, I'm not-so-good at doing ANYTHING else while I'm doing that. So, unfortunately, this little blog here has been neglected. I seriously de-junked most of my upstairs and actually hauled a load of bags to our local thrift store in town. I also had Hubs take a van load of garbage to the dump and I am still wondering where in the world all of it came from. I think about 20% of our garbage comes from Sunday School and School papers that are brought into this home every day but Saturday. The other stuff is still a mystery to me. I'm working on the rest of the upstairs this afternoon and this week and then I'll hit the downstairs. What a job! And like I said, I do this every few months, so I'm really amazed at all the stuff I have to get rid of. During this process, a few thoughts have struck me...
1. Isn't it amazing how our perspective changes? One month I'm clinging to an item thinking I'd never get rid of and the next time around, it's the first thing to go. It's a mystery, folks. I can't explain it.
2. It feels SOOOOO good to get rid of stuff. There aren't many things that I am sentimental about keeping so it is a liberating feeling to load up my SUV with things to donate, trash, consign and give away. My poor, unsuspecting friends, though. I'm trying not to dump bags and bags of outgrown clothes to them because I know they're trying to dejunk their houses, too. I do hate to just donate nice stuff (that I have absolutely no use for anymore and don't want to go through the hassle of selling) when my friends could use it. So, friends who are reading, feel free to say no when I ask you if you want something. I'm not offended.
3. My final conclusion for the moment is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep my daughters' rooms organized. I mean, we do live here afterall. Just ask my niece who came to visit during her spring break! She is just a tad bit OCD and couldn't help but re-organize my younger girls' room TWICE during her 2 day/2 night stay. (Yes, the one I had just completely gutted and organized 5 days before.) I've decided the OCD gene skipped my family of 5 so I'm coming to grips with that fact and learning ways to overcome the lack of organization without losing my mind on a daily basis. It's a work in progress.
I love the quote above! That really is my goal for becoming more organized. It's not about making the house look like a magazine picture. It's about making life more simple & efficient for the people who live here so that I can better fulfill my role as wife, mom and friend.
How do you/did you teach your kids to keep their space organized? Any words for the weary??
Thanks again for stopping by! I'm climbing my way out of this mess and I'll be back very soon with more easy sewing tutorials!! Can't wait!
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  1. love it and i have 2 bags in my car waiting to go to the libray and salvation army


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