Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shared Girls Room Makeover {The Before}

The time has finally come to tackle my girls' rooms and giving them an updated look. My two younger daughters share a room and it's a challenge keeping it in order and keeping it clean. So, I've been planning {a long time} to make their room more fun and functional - and while I'm at it, a bit easier to keep clean. Is that even possible? Here's a look at the Before: {minus wall art, etc. I've already started the pre-painting process.}
{Notice all the white spackled spots? Signs that an artist lives in this room - She can't help herself from sticking her art to the walls daily. But don't worry, I have a solution for that coming right up!}

While I was drawing up some final plans for the room, my youngest wanted in on the fun. So, I told her to go draw me a plan of what she thinks the room should look like. Here is what she came up with along with the instructions to make sure to 'do it exactly like this'.
I'm thinking my plan may look just a little different than hers, but I'm sure once she sees the final result, she'll be fine with it.
I chose to paint their room Whispy by Valspar which can be bought at ACE or Lowe's. I used the paint + primer and it worked like a charm. Only one coat, covered all of that bright pink and my girls and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. They love the color and my arms loved only doing one coat. {This pic doesn't look exact, but it gives you an idea.}

I'm using some ideas I've pinned on my Pinterest board, Girls' Rooms, and others that I've had in my head for quite awhile. This week the main work will be repainting the room and searching for two solid white twin comforters or quilts for their beds. I'm having the hardest time finding just a plain white comforter. Any ideas where I could find two of them for a good deal? Nothing fancy, just solid white.

Here's my bucket list for their room:
  • Paint
  • Find white bedding
  • Paint side table
  • Paint bookshelf or do built-ins and get rid of book shelf
  • Make new curtains
  • Make new throw pillows
  • Add storage under beds?
  • Redo ceiling fan {their room gets pretty warm - fan has to stay!}
  • Build a custom desk for two
  • Paint beds
That list may change, but so far that's the plan for this room. I'll be painting and spiffing up my oldest daughter's room this week, too, hopefully. So, I may be jumping back and forth between rooms for awhile. I've only got 3 weeks until school is out and I hope to have the majority of the work done by then. Can I do it?? Stay tuned to find out!
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  2. Whispy is a great color. But, the pink and dots are good. Kids and decorating. I know grown girls who do that. Ha!Ha!

    1. Ha! Have you tried the velcro wall hangers by Scotch? I LOVE them and they are cheap at the Dollar General. No more holes in the walls and they are awesome!

  3. Just wondering...if you are going for an easy-to-clean room why are you looking for white comforters/quilts?? A pretty room idea for adults, but for little girls?

    1. White comforters (depending on what you buy) can be bleached and washed pretty easily. We've done colored ones for years and for the past year have had a white one in my other daughter's room. I have decided that it's very easy to take care of. We don't allow markers/pens, food, etc. in the bedrooms so dirt should be our only battle against the white comforters. And I plan to have a folded blanket at the end of each bed. Only part of the white will show. I love white comforters for their washability and also they are like a blank canvas in the room. It's not a big committment colorwise. I can change accent colors as often as I want. I love it!


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