Friday, November 30, 2012

From Holey Tights to Knee Socks {Tutorial}

How many pairs of tights have you thrown out because your daughter (or you) snagged a big hole in them? With three girls in this house, plus myself, we've had way too many to count. Today as I was looking through my youngest girl's drawer searching for tights, I found a pair of white cable knit tights in pefect condition, except for the big hole under the left knee. Then, I found a few pairs that are too small for her now, and it hit me that these would make great knee socks! They're thick and still look nice so, why not? Here's how I did it:

I laid the pair of tights on the table and tried to even the legs up so they could be cut the same length.
Next, I just took the scissors and cut right underneath the hole. You can use the cut side as a guide for the other leg or just eyeball it.
Now just fold cut edge down 1/4 - 1/2 inch and fold over again the same length. Iron the fold so it will stay put.
Finally, sew around the bottom edge of the folded end. *Remember not to pull fabric through while it's being sewn or you will stretch out the knit and the socks will fall down. Just let the machine pull the fabric through on it's own.* Cut off hanging threads. You're done.
New knee socks in about 5 minutes!
{Pardon the sucker stick in the mouth.}
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  1. Definitely need to try this! And buy stock in a tights company.

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