Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pottery Barn-Inspired Reindeer Stockings {DIY}

A few years ago, I decided I was going to make stockings for our family instead of using the mismatched ones we had acquired over the years. So, my sister told me to check out the Pottery Barn Kids Reindeer Stockings {2009 - no longer available}. I did and I loved the idea. That's when I decided I would make my own version. I love ours and the fact that they reflect a little tiny bit of personality. The only pic I could find of the original PBK stockings is below.

To make them, just draw out a pattern of a stocking either using one you have or just eye-balling it. Then, cut out and sew them together. It's pretty basic. Unfortunately, I made these before I started this blog so I have no pictures of the how-to. Just trust me that making a basic stocking is simple. Here is one tutorial I found. I used red felt and white fuzzy material. The reindeer are made out of tan felt. Next, just draw the body of a reindeer - it doesn't have to be perfect or even whole because you'll be 'dressing it up'. I just drew mine from looking at the picture of the PBK ones. Finally, dress them up according to your personalities. It's very simple and fun.
Here's how ours turned out.

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  1. Amy- Those are really, really, really cute. I love how you personalized each one. xo Diana
    ps. Pop by if you get a chance and wish my little SweetCheeks a Happy Birthday- she is going to read all the comments.

  2. Still love these. They're adorable.

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