Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Greenhouse Inspiration {Succulents}

The first time I noticed succulent plants was a couple years ago in a magazine. I really like the look of them - thick, almost plastic-looking. I also like that there are different kinds of them. The other day my sister blogged about some that she planted for herself and I had no idea they were that easy to plant and keep alive. I don't really have a green thumb. When it gets super hot outside, I slack in the area of watering porch flowers. But these I thought would work well inside my house in my window and other sunny areas.

 {Vase from World Market - I bought it with my $10 Reward they gave me for my birthday. Sign up with them if you aren't already signed up!}
 {Terrarium - birthday gift from my Mr. - buy one for yourself at Kohl's.}
 {Succulents bought at Lowe's - indoor garden section.}

These are handpicked by my kids. The best flower bouquets of all!

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  1. Looks great,Amy. I have never really raised succulents but my Mom did- Hope you had a great day-xo Diana


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