Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sewing Lesson #1 {Straight lines}

Sewing is one hobby that has a lot of opportunity and doesn't require tons of skill and years of classes. All it takes is knowing a few basic things and then experimenting with those few things. My daughter {age 9} has been begging me to teach her to sew. So, on a couple of occasions I have let her get behind the machine and practice. We started with learning one very basic skill: How to Sew a Straight Line. Sounds extrememly basic and simple and it is, but if you can sew a straight line, you can sew practically anything! This is how we got started:

 {Click here for the doll skirt tutorial.}
This was a fun little project and a great way to use up lots of scrap fabric I have! I have a feeling the dolls in this house are all getting a new wardrobe over the summer! {And I'm not going to have to do most of it!} Sewing is a life skill that will be useful forever! I'm so excited to teach my girls to sew!

Sharing this with some of these parties!

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  1. Nice blog. I work in a school & in textile lessons we always use that technique of straight line practice on paper - it really helps...


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