Monday, July 22, 2013

My Talented Friends {a shout-out}

Let me introduce you to one of my many talented friends!
Besides being a sweet friend with many talents, she's an entrepreneur. Erika {along with her husband, Johnny} recently launched their etsy shop, KettleMoraine.
They make very creative, unique pieces including jewelry, furniture, wood products for the home and other exciting things!
You'll definitely want to favorite their shop on Etsy and check in frequently to see what inspiring products they've designed that would be perfect for you and your home.
These pieces would also be perfect as gifts! We all love finding just the right thing to give a friend or loved one for a birthday or other occasion. So, visit the shop soon to see what you can find!

Go check out KettleMoraine on etsy to see the other creative, repurposed pieces they've made. You'll love them! And you won't beat the prices!

Erika & Johnny are also independent distributors for It Works Global! If you haven't tried It Works products yet, you must go check them out! One of their most popular products is their body wraps. Made with natural ingredients, these wraps help to firm and shape the skin and can be used pretty much anywhere on your body. They have also been known to shrink inches off the abdomen, thighs, etc. I personally used one two days ago and after just 45 minutes lost 1 inch on my lower thighs. I also use their Greens. A mix of fruits and vegetables that equals 8+ servings a day (and nutrient rich superfoods + a blend of 38 herbs) in just two small scoops gives me energy throughout the day and encourages me to drink more water. Just check them out and see if their products are right for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm sharing this with some of these friends!

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