Thursday, July 18, 2013

Where to Buy Your Favorite Fabric

There are many places to purchase fabric these days. I remember growing up in a small town where there were only two places to buy fabric. {Those were the good ol' days before internet was invented.} My mom would go to Piece Goods {I thought that was the neatest place!} and Wal-Mart. Those are the only two places I remember ever seeing fabric in my small town. When I would visit my mamaw in the country about 40 minutes away, I loved going into her basement and looking through her shelves of fabric. Just stacks and stacks of fabric that she had made clothing and other things out of. I have no idea where she bought it, but I loved playing with all of it. My grandmother also has lots of fabric. She's a quilter and keeps a fabric stash to use for her many quilts she's made and continues to make. {More on that soon!}
I guess I got my love of fabric from them. I've got my own stash of fabrics that "I know I can do something with!" and I have to resist buying more and more everytime I go to a fabric store. My favorite store is Hobby Lobby. They carry several kinds of fabrics and always have sales going on. You can get it on the cheap most weeks.

We also have a Hancock Fabrics. They have lots of notions and things that are different from Hobby Lobby's selection. I don't shop there often because I normally buy cottons and I'm happy with the selection at Hobby Lobby.

And I can say that we are finally getting a JoAnn's!! It's been forever since I went to the one in my sister's town. I cannot wait for it to open! It'll be a place I frequent. For sure.

But when you don't have options in town or you can't find what you're looking for, there are many online options for buying fabrics. Here's a small list of the ones I like... - Free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Great clearance section. Many types of fabric available! - Many sellers on this site and lots of variety. Vintage or new! - Worldwide sellers on this site and you can find some really great deals on fabric here.
Purl Soho - Crafter's paradise. They have the cutest, most current fabrics, yarns, trims, etc. Check them out!
Check out Apartment Therapy's list of best online sources for fabric 2013 here.

Where do you find your favorite fabrics?

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