Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Surprise Family Fun Night

This past weekend, we took our girls out for a surprise family fun night. We usually have a family night once a week, but it's not always a big surprise. Most of the time it's just dinner out and either playing games together or watching a movie. This time was different.
A couple months ago, Hubs found a PBS documentary on the Broadway musical 'Annie'. We watched it first and then let our girls watch it. They absolutely loved it and were fascinated by the details that went into auditioning and producing the show. Needless to say, they've been singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" like a broken record.
It wasn't long after that documentary that we found out 'Annie' was coming to our town. Our local Children's Theatre put it on. So, I went and bought tickets one day while they were at school and kept it a secret for weeks. Friday finally came and we got them dressed up and ready to go before we told them the surprise. We told them and high pitched shrieks immediately followed, along with lots of jumping up and down.
We took them out for a quick dinner and then headed downtown for the fun. This was a big deal for them. It was their first play/musical to ever attend and we couldn't have picked a better one! Our seats were on the second row {although I'm pretty sure every seat in that theatre would be great} and they were all smiles as we waited for it to start.
They were completely glued to the entire show. My youngest smiled from the moment she sat down until we got home. They all three soaked up every single minute and every move the actors made. It was so much fun!! And the show was excellent! Very professionally done!
 The girls with 'Annie' - played by Georgia Kaye Wise
 'Daddy Warbucks' - played by Mike Gallagher
 'Sandy the dog' - played by Zoe
Afterward was just as much fun for them because they got to meet the actors/actresses in the lobby and get autographs. They thought there were among celebrities. It was really a blast. And our surprise family fun night couldn't have been any better. It was really a perfect night and one that I think we will all remember for the rest of our lives.
What do you like to do on Family Nights? I'd love to hear about yours and get some new ideas from you!

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