Friday, October 25, 2013

The Easiest Way to Clean a Ceiling Fan

When I first discovered this idea, it was one of those Ah-HA! moments. I'd been straining and stretching and fighting the vacuum hose for years and when I saw this idea I knew my life would change - and my ceiling fans would get cleaned more often! No more furry fan blades for me!

Maybe you clean yours this way? I seem to always find things way after they're already widely used.
Take a pillow case from your linen closet.
Open it up. Slide it onto one of the fan blades. Kind of secure the open end around the blade and putting one hand on top and one on bottom, slide the pillowcase off the the blade. While doing this, you're wiping the dust of the blade and catching it in the pillowcase at the same time, preventing dust from falling all over the place.

How do you clean your fans? How often do you clean them?

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  1. I clean my ceiling fan in a conventional and exhausting way. Grab a chair and vacuum whatever I could reach. After that, I wipe it with a rug soaked in soapy water. Sometimes, I spray disinfectant all over it after vacuuming. Reading this, I might get rid of the vacuum and just clean it with a rug just like you do with yours. Staci @


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