Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How to Cover a Lampshade with Fabric

 As part of my Shared Girls' Room Makeover, the one thing I had to keep was the ceiling fan. I am fully aware that ceiling fans are not the most fashionable thing in a room. However, comfort is a definite MUST. So with this room being one of the hottest rooms in the house during the summer, the fan stays.

You might remember seeing the fan in this picture....
It had pink floral on the fan blades and two shades of pink on the lampshades. And since I've banned pink from the room (or at least 99% of it), that had to be dealt with. Here's what I did....

I spray painted the fan blades white. I already liked the fan so much better, but the shades had to be covered. My love for polka dots took over and I ran out and bought red and white polka dot fabric. I bought extra so I can use it somewhere else in the room (more on that later).

Here's how I covered the lampshades and I just COULD NOT believe how quick it was. Less than 30 minutes and the shades were back on the fan.

First, take a lampshade and lay it sideways on a legal sized piece of paper or newspaper or paper bag, etc.
Then, trace each side of the lampshade (top and bottom) as you roll it on the paper. I started by laying the seam side down so that I would know when to stop rolling and tracing. I did go about an inch further for a small overlap.
Next, cut along the lines and then wrap the paper pattern around your lampshade to make sure it is big enough and works before you cut out your fabric.
You might want to trim any pieces that are sticking up too far, etc.
Pin pattern to the fabric so it doesn't move when you cut it.

Now, cut it out making sure to cut a little extra about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch to fold over the top and bottom of each shade.
Now, with all of your pieces cut out, you're going to need your Elmer's Spray Adhesive and some old newspaper or something to lay your pieces on, as well as, a well-ventilated space. I love Elmer's Spray Adhesive because it works on so many projects, but it is absolutely perfect for this one.
Lay your pieces WRONG side up and get ready to spray. I suggest spraying one at a time because you'll need to get it on your lampshade within 15 seconds for a permanent hold. Sounds harder than it really is. Spray your piece of fabric on the wrong side and then immediately lay your lampshade onto the piece starting with the seam down.
Then, you'll carefully roll the lampshade like you did when making the pattern for it. The fabric will stick right away. Then, just smooth out any bubbles. (There probably won't be any.) Fold over the top and bottom edges quickly. You might need to spray the top/bottom pieces carefully if you don't get them folded over fast enough.
{pic taken before I painted the blades white}

You're done! Wasn't that easy?? I can't wait to redo another lampshade!
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  1. I believe I can do this for a larger lamp shade too.. love it.. I have one I have been wanting to cover forever.. thank you.. w/love Janice

    1. Yes, it would def work for any size lamp shade. It's such a quick transformation!


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