Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Jam: Eat it or Gift it? {Free Printables}

I apologize for all the jam-related posts, but I am just loving this blackberry jam I made from the tons of wild blackberries my sweet husband picked me a couple of weeks ago. I finished off the individual blackberry cobblers and have been trying to pace myself with the jam. I really don't want to run out of it any time soon! But this evening, my husband went to run some errands for me and when he came home he had another big bag of blackberries picked! There are still hundreds left on the bushes, but they probably won't last much longer.
I've been looking for some cute ways of gifting some of my jam and decided to blog about my favorite findings. Hope you can enjoy these and get your hands on some wild blackberries soon! {Or any other type of berry, for that matter!}
Hope you can enjoy some fresh, homemade jam in the near future! It's so simple to make and also makes a great gift!
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